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6 Ways to Safely Stay Home while Supporting Local Health-Promoting Businesses

Local Health Promoting Businesses

Since Niagara Region declared a state of emergency on April 3, I've been like most of us not on the front lines; doing my part by staying home.

It's difficult not to get overwhelmed with media messaging about the COVID19 crisis, so I limit my searches to half an hour each morning (as recommended by Dr. Laurie Santos on the Happiness Lab podcast!) on government sources that are updated daily to look at official statistics.

To see how we're really doing at "flattening the curve"/stopping the spread, I look to Niagara Region Public Health COVID19 statistics.

To see how we're doing compared to other Canadian communities, I go to CBC's interactive COVID tracking tool that allows you to choose what provinces to plot on the graph. Cumulative cases are on the first graph, followed by daily new cases, which is "the curve" to look at to see if new infections are continuing to increase, or are flattening. Provinces like AB, BC, & NS have been relatively successful at flattening their curves, while Ontario's new infections continue to grow.

I want the new cases here in Niagara to slow and to stop, so that we can come out of this without having to physically distance ourselves from each other. So I'm following the directive to stay home. And I'm also trying to visualize our curve here in Niagara flattening, like it has in other places in Canada.

For those of us wondering just how long this could go on for, on April 9 Public Health Canada released its Data Modeling to illustrate how much sooner we can be out of this if we comply with a high degree of physical distancing, vs a low degree.

With this in mind, I've discovered that many local businesses have pivoted their business model to continue to provide services that are contactless. Below is my list of 6 ways to stay home, stay healthy, and support awesome local businesses:



The Peanut Mill is a local health food store that carries organic produce, healthy staples and snacks, and offers free delivery in St. Catharines on orders over $50. In contrast to the bigger busier grocery stores, orders placed before 3:00pm arrive the same day!


Garden City Essentials carries skin care, hair care, home care, including bulk online ordering and is offering free delivery on orders over $20 within Niagara.


Register for your choice of 3 classes and teachers daily at Lost n Found yoga.

Modo yoga is offering online classes; check their instagram feed.


Browse Downtown's Someday Books online shop, and if they don't have what you're looking for, they will do their best to order it in for you! Free delivery within Niagara.


The Watering Can is offering free delivery on orders over $30. Update your urn with spring blooms, and brighten up your home with fresh flowers. Follow their instagram account for daily deals.


When you do have to go out, wear a cotton mask to protect others. Lousje & Bean Boutique are including a free designer mask with every online order, and they can be purchased for $15 each. Free local shipping in St. Catharines!

Sending gratitude to all of you - those working on the front lines, and those staying home - for the well-being of our community!


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