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Did you know that Lifelabs offers Health Assessment Panels to patients of registered Ontario Naturopathic Doctors? Several related tests get evaluated together, at a savings when compared to ordering tests individually. Some of the tests included in the panels aren't even available to order separately! Check out why they'd be ordered, what's included, and how much they cost in the drop down lists below.

Liver/Digestion Assessment

The Liver/Digestion Assessment tests a broad range of liver enzymes and total and direct bilirubin, to provide insight into liver and gallbladder function. The Liver/Digestion Assessment may be recommended when poor liver clearance is suspected, estrogens are high or toxicity is present.

What's included:

  • ALT

  • AST

  • ALP

  • Bilirubin (Direct)

  • Bilirubin (Total)

  • GGT

  • LDH

Cost: $18

Fatigue Assessment

Thyroid Assessment

Autoimmune Assessment

Female Hormone Assessment

Lipids Assessment

Inflammation Assessment

Nutrient Assessment (Includes all the tests in the Vitamin & Mineral Panels)

Vitamin Assessment

Mineral Assessment

Female Fertility Assessment

Men's Health Assessment:

Hematology Assessment

Metabolic Assessment

Methylation Assessment

Healthy Living Assessment

Enhanced Healthy Living Assessment

Check with your regulated Healthcare Provider to see what tests may be meaningful for your specific health concerns and goals.


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